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Dudao kabel USB / Lightning kabel 2,4A 1m bílý (L4L 1m bílý)

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Dudao kabel USB / Lightning kabel 2,4A 1m bílý (L4L 1m bílý)
Dudao kabel USB / Lightning kabel 2,4A 1m bílý (L4L 1m bílý)
Dudao cable Lightning cable 2.4A 1m: USB / Lightning cable. Perfect for renewing the energy of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Instant and safe charging - The current of 2.4A and a cable made of thick cores are a guarantee of express and stable charging at the same time . Before you know it, your equipment will be operational again! Intelligent chip - The accessory has an intelligent management system that adjusts the optimal voltage to the specific equipment . Your smartphone will get exactly as much electricity as it needs to recover in the shortest possible time, without the risk of damaging the battery. Loading and data transfer at the same time - Energy renewal while transferring files and transferring files while renewing energy. No unnecessary windows forcing you to choose only one option. Reinforced connection - The most critical point of any cable - the connection between the cable and the plug has been additionally reinforced to prevent cracking. A small change that significantly extends the life of the entire accessory. Durable and durable - The cable is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly TPE , extremely flexible and resistant to high temperatures and bending . You don't have to worry about the entire cable being thrown away with an accidental tug. Practical Velcro - Thanks to the attached Velcro, storage and transport of the accessory will not be a problem . And without one of the biggest nightmares of wires - tangling. And there is probably no one in the world who has not cursed even once at an accessory twisted like a Gordian knot, right? Specification: Brand: Dudao Plugs: USB / Lightning Material: PVC + TPE Length: 100cm Working current: 2.4A Functions: loading / data transfer Compatibility: devices with a Lightning port KGO: PLN 0.02 net

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Kategorie: Lightning - USB-A
Záruka: 2 roky
Typ: Lightning - USB-A

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