3mk Arc 3D OnePlus 5 High-Grip

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Thinnest device protection with hybrid glass

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The 3mk Invisible Case Arc 3D film is the ideal solution for those who want to protect their device entirely without changing its dimensions. The Arc model does not adversely affect color reproduction, and the Self-Heal™ surface ensures that the film self-heals in case of minor scratches. Installation is much easier than with competing products by using a rich and innovative kit.

Those who have ever used 3mk films know that it is an example of perfect fit to the shape of the screen and the location of cutouts for sensors or speakers. All 3mk film models are cut with a laser, which ensures a precise fit to the shape of your smartphone

Main features of 3mk Invisible Case Arc 3D film:

  • Perfect fit to the screen
  • Protection of the entire display, including rounded edges
  • No negative impact on color reproduction
  • Easy installation without the use of moisture
  • Self-Heal™ technology to reduce minor scratches


  • 1x 3mk Arc film for display
  • 1x 3mk Arc film for the case
  • Fit-In™ positioning stickers
  • AntiBubble Card
  • Moistened cloth
  • Non-dusting dry cloth


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