Baseus F40 transmitter FM audio transmitter Bluetooth AUX port car charger 2x USB 15W 2A black

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Baseus F40 transmitter FM audio transmitter Bluetooth AUX port car charger 2x USB 15W 2A It is a gadget that will completely change the standard of traveling and listening to music in the car. Baseus Streamer F40 AUX wireless MP3 car charger is a private radio station. It allows you to transmit sound to the car radio via FM waves. In addition, it is also a charger for smartphones and other electronic devices equipped. So it supports not only phones, but also a flash drive with a maximum capacity of 64 GB. Specification: Brand: Baseus Compatibility: Android / iOS Input voltage: DC 12-24V USB charging port output: 5V-2A Multi-function port output: 5V-1A Total output power: 15W maximum Wireless distance: 10m Transmission distance: 5m FM transmission frequency: 76-108MHz External memory: Capacity up to 64 GB Material: PC Length of the additional audio cable: 60 cm Size: 95mm x 48mm x 45mm Your private radio station Whether you travel a lot or a little, listening to the same songs on the radio over and over again can get boring. With the FM transmitter you decide what music you and your fellow passengers listen to. It's a device that you connect to your phone. You can do it wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth, so you do not have to worry about the ubiquitous, tangled cables. Compatible devices You can connect not only a mobile phone to the transmitter. You can also pair the gadget with other devices collecting music. It is compatible with with flash drive. It is important that the file to be played back is saved in one of the accepted formats, ie MP3 / APE / WAV / FLAC. Multifunctional equipment The Baseus FM transmitter is not only a modern radio station. To increase the functionality, the manufacturer has equipped the device with the option of charging electronic devices. The gadget has two USB ports. An ordinary USB port charges with a maximum power of 2A, and a USB reading flash drive – 1A. So you can connect two devices to it at the same time. In addition, the Streamer F40 AUX wireless MP3 car charger has a built-in microphone. The hands-free kit allows you to safely talk while driving. Modern design The device is distinguished not only by its functionality, but also by design. They are covered with an impressive mirror-like housing, which is smooth and looks very luxurious. It fits the style of modern cars. Easy-to-use Bearing in mind the fact that the device is often operated while behind the wheel, its operation has been simplified to a minimum. With one click you can switch the song, answer or end the phone call. For whom? The gadget is designed for owners of passenger cars, vans, SUVs and other 12-24V models.


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