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Crong FlexFolio Apple iPad 10.9 2022 (10 gen) Pencil holder (black)
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Crong FlexFolio Apple iPad 10.9 2022 (10 gen) Pencil holder (black)

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The FlexFolio case is a unique protective case for the 10th generation 10.9-inch iPad. The ergonomic design allows the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon (sold separately) stylus to be stored on the left side of the case for convenient second-hand operation of the iPad touchscreen. If required, the stylus can be attached to the iPad on the right side of the screen and charged wirelessly (the Crong case has a special recess for this purpose).

The case also features a 4-panel screen cover, which has been fitted with magnets. Their main function is to automatically put the iPad to sleep and wake it up when the case is closed and opened. They also allow you to lock the cover when it is rolled up so that it does not automatically pull apart when using the iPad in video or writing mode. The cover also allows the iPad to be held comfortably when taking photos or videos.

The main part of the FlexFolio case is made with Anti-Shock technology. The special Honeycomb pattern disperses the force of impact when falling to the ground. The flexible material is also shatterproof and makes the case easy to put on and take off. On the outside, the FlexFolio case is finished in a modern fabric-like material. The microfibre lining on the inside of the cover makes it easy to keep the screen clean.

Product features:
– 4-panel screen cover with stand function
– Storage for Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon stylus
– Compatible with magnetic stylus charging
– Flexible Anti-Shock design
– Special Honeycomb design to dissipate shocks
– Automatic screen sleep and wake-up
– Microfiber lining does not scratch the screen
– Precise cutouts for ports and speakers
– Convenient video and photo capture
– Apple Pencil stylus sold separately
– Compatible: iPad 10.9 (2022)


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