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Dux Ducis Grit MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 black
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Dux Ducis Grit MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 black

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Dux Ducis Grit faux leather case, MagSafe compatible case Do you value luxury accessories and also want to avoid negative environmental impact? Choose the Grit case from Dux Ducis. They are made of ecological leather, which perfectly imitates its natural counterpart. It is extremely elegant and solid, protects against damage, but does not interfere with the use of the most important functions of the smartphone. The accessory allows wireless charging without removing it, and is also very convenient in everyday use. Specification: Brand: Dux Ducis Model: Grit Material: eco leather The most important advantages of the Dux Ducis Grit case: Timeless design. The stylish look and texture of natural leather make the case suitable for any situation, also during a business meeting. Full protection. The durable construction of the case makes the device well protected against mechanical damage, scratches or the access of sand particles. Perfect fit. Precisely cut holes make the case easy to use with the smartphone. Metal accents. It is not only a purely decorative element, but also a functional one. They make the use of buttons even more effective. An additional lens frame protects delicate contents. Easy wireless charging. Power your smartphone wirelessly without removing the case. You save time.


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