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Gaming mouse pad Havit GAMENOTE MP869 90x40cm

Gaming mouse pad Havit GAMENOTE MP869 90x40cm


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Large gaming pad Havit MP869

The MP869 gaming pad has enough space for both mouse and keyboard. The surface covered with a micro-grid allows for precise mouse movements and its rubberized surface makes it impossible to move around the desk. Numerous tests have proven that the graphics on the mat do not affect the precision of mouse movements. The quality of the materials it is made of ensures partial water resistance and makes it easy to keep it clean. Thanks to the stitched edges its life span has been significantly extended.


  • Producent: Havit
  • Model: MP869
  • Width: 900 mm
  • Length: 400 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Corners: Stitched
  • Structure: Micro-mesh
  • Base: Anti-slip