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Joyroom 14Q Case Apple iPhone 14 clear (JR-14Q1 transparent)
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Joyroom 14Q Case Apple iPhone 14 clear (JR-14Q1 transparent)

309  s DPH

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Joyroom 14Q Case phone case cover cover with a cover for the camera This flexible case made of soft TPU gel will make your phone effectively protected against damage caused by bumps or falls. The cover will ensure the safety of those places that are most likely to fail. The case adheres perfectly to the device, and care was taken not to obstruct the use of side buttons and headphone jacks. It is a great choice for people who value a perfect look. A special, built-up structure in the place of the camera island additionally protects the phone lenses. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Type: Phone case Material: TPU Set contains: 1 x Phone Protective Case The most important features: Perfect fit for your phone Keeps original color Rear camera protection Easy to assemble and disassemble Convenient button operation Additionally, reinforced corners Perfect transparency It does not turn yellow Full device protection Want your iPhone to be bump or drop resistant? This case protects it from damage thanks to the use of modern materials. Soft TPU gel absorbs shocks, protecting the areas most exposed to faults. Camera lenses gain additional protection in the form of a convex edge of the case, which separates them from contact with the surface. Convenience of use The flexible gel makes putting on and taking off the case very easy and effortless. After putting on, the product perfectly adheres to the phone, providing effective protection not only against bumps, but also scratches. You can conveniently use the side buttons and charging sockets – the case is fully adapted to them. The TPU material is pleasant to the touch and makes it easy to hold the phone in your hand. Modern look You can keep your phone looking perfect without worrying about yellowing. The case does not change color due to external factors, such as sunlight or moisture. Galvanized edges provide a stylish look.


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