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Joyroom 14X Case Apple iPhone 14 clear (JR-14X1)
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Joyroom 14X Case Apple iPhone 14 clear (JR-14X1)

279  s DPH

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Joyroom 14X Case flexible phone case Do you want your phone to be protected against damage, but you do not want to give up its attractive appearance? In this case, the perfectly transparent Joyroom 14X case will work well. Very thin and flexible material is almost imperceptible during use. It was made of a material that not only absorbs shocks and falls, but also will not change the color of your device. It is resistant to yellowing and anti-fog. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Color: Transparent Material: TPU The kit includes : 1 x protective case The most important features: Excellent protective parameters Perfect transparency Does not change color when exposed to light Easy to assemble and disassemble Pleasant to the touch material Quality material If you care about protecting your phone without losing any of its advantages, this thin case will perfectly meet your expectations. High-quality TPU gel is almost imperceptible, so it gives the impression of holding the phone in your hand without a case. Effective phone protection The case protects the most vulnerable elements of the device. They act like an airbag, absorbing the impact. The case also protects the headphone and charging jacks, preventing moisture from accumulating in them. Thanks to its excellent flexibility, it does not hinder the installation of plugs. Perfect transparency If you want to enjoy the attractive look of your phone, this case will be perfect. Provides full transparency that does not fade over time. The material does not yellow, evaporate and does not change color. Easy to assemble and disassemble The TPU gel is very flexible, so you can easily remove and put on the case when the need arises. You can do it as often as you like without worrying about damaging the product.


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