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Joyroom Defender Series Apple iPhone 14 clear (JR-14H1)
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Joyroom Defender Series Apple iPhone 14 clear (JR-14H1)

399  s DPH

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Joyroom Defender Series case phone cover armored case with hooks / stand Place your phone wherever you want – with this case you can not only lay the device flat, but also set it upright and hang it – for example on a monitor. The Joyroom Defender Series housing not only protects against damage and scratches, but also provides additional benefits: all thanks to hidden in the corners, invisible hooks, which become a functional stand . The housing design includes reinforced corners with additional movable hooks a gel frame that protects the edges of the device stiffened backs for full coverage The most important features elasticity due to the TPU material non-slip properties effective protection against screen cracks and scratches the presence of perfectly matched holes for smartphone elements perfect adherence to the device, without streaks or air bubbles additional reinforcements in the area of the camera and the touch screen lightweight construction Using the case does not affect the functionality of the phone in any way. You can charge the device without any problems (also wirelessly), as well as play, browse pages, write text messages, talk or listen to music. They are characterized by a minimalist, modern look that perfectly harmonizes with the unique style of your phone.


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