iPhone 14 - Joyroom Knight Glass 2
Joyroom Knight Glass 2,5D Privacy TG Apple iPhone 14 Anti-Spy clear (JR-P01)
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Joyroom Knight Glass 2,5D Privacy TG Apple iPhone 14 Anti-Spy clear (JR-P01)

399  s DPH

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Joyroom Knight 2.5D Privacy TG Tempered Glass for iPhone with Anti-Spy Filter, Full Screen with Frame Joyroom Knight 2.5D Privacy TG is an extremely durable 2.5D tempered glass (full screen) with a frame, made of high quality plastic. Extremely durable cover that perfectly protects the phone screen against scratches, falls and … prying eyes of unauthorized people. All thanks to the Privacy filter, which reduces the viewing angle of the displayed content, and thus its visibility. Hand in hand with excellent protective properties is also a great comfort of use. The glass is ultra-thin, extremely pleasant to the touch, and it does not distort the image and does not adversely affect the sensitivity of the touch. With such a cover, we can be confident about the security of the display and fully enjoy the functionality of our smartphone. Joyroom makes sure that its products perform even in the most difficult conditions. This armored glass is a great example of a gadget that should attract the attention of every smartphone owner. When it hits the ground, the glass absorbs the impact energy. Thanks to this, only the applied tempered glass will be damaged, and the display will remain intact. It is enough to remove the old glass later and replace it with a new glass, so that the protection of the tactile glass continues. Privacy filter – Toughened glass with a Privacy filter is not only protection of the device against damage. The special structure of the material also significantly reduces the viewing angle. As a result, when viewing photos or private messages in the company of friends, you do not risk that an unauthorized person will see them. Double reinforcement – Thanks to the double-hardening process, the shield is 45% stronger than standard glass. Damaged – still safe – The glass is shatter-free (so-called safety glass). Even in the event of a breakage, it will not break into dozens of sharp pieces. Comfort of use without changes – The cover does not interfere with the use of the touch screen, face recognition, and does not spoil the quality of photos. No more dirt – The glass has been covered with an oleophobic coating, which improves its resistance to greasy marks or fingerprints. Durability 9H – The accessory boasts a hardness of 9H on the Mohs scale, which gives it a high resistance to scratching. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Name: Joyroom Knight 2,5D Privacy TG Hardness: 9H Format: 2.5D Privacy Filter New, original packed Extremely scratch resistant Easy to assemble


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