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Joyroom Magnetic Car Phone Holder Dark Gray (JR-ZS227)
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Joyroom Magnetic Car Phone Holder Dark Gray (JR-ZS227)

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Joyroom Magnetic Car Phone Holder – Dark Gray (JR-ZS227) This universal magnetic holder allows you to easily and quickly position the phone at any angle . It does not take up space in the car and does not block any ventilation grille – just stick it to any flat surface in the car. It will hold your phone firmly and steadily, even on demanding roads . Specification: Brand: Joyroom Model: JR-ZS227 Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 20 mm Taupe The most important advantages of the Joyroom JR-ZS227 chuck: It will hold the phone steadily even on bumpy roads – the holder has 8 strong magnets built-in You will mount it in the place where you want . Thanks to the self-adhesive base, the holder firmly holds onto any flat surface in the car You will place the phone at a convenient angle . Adjustable head rotates 360 degrees in any direction It will adapt to your needs The Joyroom magnetic holder houses an adjustable head that rotates a full 360 degrees. Thanks to it, you can freely adjust the angle of the phone so that it does not obstruct visibility. Easy to fit The holder is glued with the attached strip with 3M VHB glue. So you can attach it to any point on the dashboard: on the left side of the steering wheel, next to the windshield, closer to the radio or the driver's seat. You decide where it will find its place. Just remember that the holder is for one-time assembly – after removing it, it cannot be re-glued to the same tape. It sticks to the surface tightly In order for the holder to stick well to the surface, it is worth wiping a fragment of the dashboard with the included alcohol swab. It's best if you let the alcohol evaporate completely after which you leave the freshly glued handle on for 12 hours. After this time, the glue will dry well and the grip will stick firmly to the surface. Stability is essential The Joyroom JR-ZS227 handle has as many as 8 strong magnets built in. All you need to do is stick the attached metal plate to your phone to make the smartphone hold firmly and steadily – and without bothersome jaws or release buttons for the user! Importantly, the metal insert does not affect the range power. You can put it behind the case or stick it to a 4-6.9 inch phone (the magnetic holder will not work with silicone, leather, metal rings or uneven surfaces). If your phone supports wireless charging, make sure that the metal plate does not cover the place where the wireless charger touches the smartphone's back. It saves space The handle has really small dimensions – so it is inconspicuous and does not affect the aesthetics of your car interior. It has a dark gray finish and a solid metal base.


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