Karl Lagerfeld KLHCP7TRKPCSG Apple iPhone SE 2020/8/7 silver Choupette Selfie Glitter

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A unique collection of accessories for mobile devices and was designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Fashion icon and world-renowned designer, artist and photographer, artistic director of the fashion house Chanel. His works are known and appreciated throughout the world, and the image identified with the utmost class and luxury. Combining all the qualities of its undisputed star field created original and exclusive accessories that care not only about security, but above all the appearance of mobile devices. A unique example of the style and quality of Karl Lagerfeld is signed by him a series of cases. 

  • protection against dirt and scratches
  • exact cutouts according to the model
  • original from Karl Lagerfeld`s fashion designer

Product manufactured under license from Karl Lagerfeld.


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