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Ringke Dual Easy Wing Full Cover Samsung Galaxy M31s [2 PACK]

Ringke Dual Easy Wing Full Cover Samsung Galaxy M31s [2 PACK]


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Invisible Fit

Why ruin the aesthetics of your device by adding a heavy glass screen protector? Make your protection invisible and lightweight.The Dual Easy Wing Film Full Coverage Screen Protector is an imperceptible layer of added security to keep your phone screen sparkling and scratch-free.

Full Cover Protection

Innovative side wing design extends beyond the AMOLED display for complete coverage of the screen and full edge-to-edge protection to use with your favorite cases without any lifting. The wrap-around films are precisely cut to fit around the buttons and ports to allow full usage of your phone without distractions or interference. Ringke Dual Easy Wing Film is fully adhesive from top-to-bottom for a seamless bond.

High Quality

Experience a case friendly design that fits most cases while retaining a bubble-free finish for long-lasting performance. The Dual Easy Wing Film is designed with an impressive HD quality and made for the best optical performance of your display, so you can enjoy protection against scratches without losing image quality.

  • Auto Dust Remover – The dust removal layer removes specks of dust on your screen prior to your final application.
  • Easy To Install – New 4 layer dual easy full coverage screen protector allows easier installation.
  • Clear Protection – Transparent PET film ensures a high-resolution view.
  • Natural sensitivity – The thin screen protector allows full use display & triple camera.
  • Wing Design – Wrap the protruding side films around the back of your device for full protection and anti-lift.