UGREEN EP101 In -Ear 3.5mm Mini Jack Earphones with Remote and Mic white

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Ugreen In -Ear 3.5mm Mini Jack Earphones with Remote and Mic white (EP101 60692) Are you looking for universal headphones that can be connected to various types of devices? Accessories with a 3.5mm mini jack plug will work very well. You can use them with your tablet, phone, and more. They are small and handy, so they are perfect for everyday use, as well as for taking them with you on a trip. The half-in-ear design ensures maximum comfort of use. Specification: Brand: Ugreen Type: Wired half-ear headphones with 3.5mm mini jack plug Connection method: Wired Plug: 3.5mm mini jack Compatibility: Phones, tablets, and more Set contains: 1 x Wired headphones with a 3.5mm mini jack plug The most important features: No recharging required They lie comfortably in the ears and do not fall out Convenient cable length Wide compatibility with various devices Simple in design and failure-free Universal use The mini jack plug allows the presented headphones to be combined with many devices. They fit almost every laptop and tablet, so if you are looking for a universal product, this one will work very well. It will come in handy when traveling, playing sports or traveling by public transport. The headphones do not need to be charged – they are always ready for use. Thanks to this, you will avoid a situation in which you lose access to music outside your home. Compact and handy The headphones are small and handy, so you can carry them in your pocket and take them out when you want to listen to music. Perfect for packing for a trip, as well as in everyday use. The included cable makes these headphones hard to lose – even if they fall out of your ears, they will still be close to you. They lie comfortably in the ears The half-in-ear design will work for people who, due to their own comfort, cannot use in-ear or over-ear headphones. The presented accessory is very comfortable, and the ergonomic shape makes the headphones stay stable in the ears even during intense activity.


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