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X-Doria Raptic Fort MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 (Black)
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X-Doria Raptic Fort MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 (Black)

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Engineered to offer the highest level of protection for phones subjected to the most unforgiving conditions, Raptic Fort built for MagSafe phone case is the ideal accessory for adventure-fueled lifestyles. Employing a three-layer design to provide unmatched impact resistance while retaining an elegant slim profile, Fort MagSafe combines TPU and Raptic’s DropShield™ material to achieve peerless 20-foot military-grade drop protection. Dynamic frame accents, bolstered corners, and a textured rubber back panel merge tactical and automotive aesthetics and enhance durability and grip. MagSafe compatibility is built in to allow secure mounting and convenient wireless charging with MagSafe accessories. The environmentally friendly Fort MagSafe is made from 70% recycled materials and incorporates the innovative EcoElement™ material to biodegrade completely when discarded. Shipped in biodegradable & recyclable packaging, Fort MagSafe is a carbon-neutral phone case for eco-conscious adventurers.

Product features:
– Military-Grade Drop Protection: Impact-absorbing TPU and DropShield™ rubber-coated frame provides 20-foot drop protection.
– Protective Multilayer Design: Polycarbonate, TPU, DropShield™, and rubber case provides structure, durability, and grip.
– Built for MagSafe: MagSafe-compatible back panel allows convenient charging and secure mounting on MagSafe accessories.
– Biodegradable Phone Case: Fort MagSafe utilizes EcoElement™ to ensure the case will biodegrade completely when discarded.
– Certified Carbon Neutral: Use of sustainable materials and practices throughout product lifecycle protects the environment.


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