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X-Doria Raptic Secure MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Black)
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X-Doria Raptic Secure MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Black)

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Providing a combination of sleek style and rugged functionality, Raptic Secure MagSafe iPhone cases are the ideal accessory to protect and showcase the newest iPhones. A unique three-layer design provides optimal protection and a distinctive high-performance/tactical aesthetic. A clear & frosted polycarbonate back provides durable defense against scratches while showcasing the phone’s style and incorporating MagSafe functionality for convenient charging and secure mounting with MagSafe accessories. The dual-layer edge design combines TPU with our cutting-edge DropShield™ material to provide impressive 13-foot military-grade drop protection. Raptic Secure is engineered down to its biodegradable packaging to be a carbon-neutral product. The frame is made with recycled materials, and the entire case utilizes the innovative EcoElement™ material, which makes the case biodegradable, providing customers with an eco-friendly option that considers the full product lifecycle to protect their phones and the environment.

Product features:
– Military-Grade Drop Protection: The dual-layer TPU and impact-absorbing DropShield™ frame provides 13-foot drop protection.
– Distinctive Three-Layer Design: A performance-focused design creates a high-performance motorsports-inspired aesthetic.
– Built for MagSafe: Back plate is MagSafe compatible for convenient charging and secure mounting on MagSafe accessories.
– Made from Biodegradable Materials: The frame uses recycled materials, and EcoElement™ makes the entire case biodegradable.
– Certified Carbon Neutral: A cradle-to-grave approach to the product lifecycle creates a carbon-neutral environmental impact.


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