X-Doria Raptic Slim Apple iPhone 14 (Clear)

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Conveniently thin and elegantly versatile, Raptic Slim phone case is the perfect accessory to keep phones safe with a stylish design that goes from week to weekend with ease. The low-profile shape works with even tight-fitting pockets while subtly textured edges provide a secure grip. Despite its svelte dimensions, Slim provides excellent military-grade drop protection capable of keeping phones safe from drops of up to six feet with a resilient TPU frame featuring thickened edges for enhanced impact resistance. Made to satisfy the growing demand for sustainable products, Raptic Slim is manufactured with a unique cradle-to-grave approach to reducing the carbon and environmental impact of each stage of its lifecycle. Its TPU frame is completely recyclable and is made with EcoElement™ to make it biodegradable as well. Shipped in packaging that is 100% biodegradable, Raptic Slim is a certified carbon-neutral phone case for the discriminating eco-conscious customer.

Product features:
– Military-Grade Drop Protection: The impact-absorbing TPU frame provides protection from drops of up to six feet.
– Convenient Low-Profile Design: Thin pocket-friendly dimensions allow for easy carry with work, casual, and athletic attire.
– Protected and Accessible Controls: Covered buttons and large cutouts prevent damage to the controls and charging port.
– Biodegradable and Recyclable: Frame is made with recyclable and biodegradable TPU to minimize its end-of-life impact.
– Certified Carbon Neutral: A cradle-to-grave approach to the entire product lifecycle minimizes the overall carbon impact.


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