Zizo Bolt Cover – Samsung Galaxy S20 FE armored case s 9H glass pro the screen + stand & belt clip (blue / černá)

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Zizo Bolt Cover is a perfectly designed case that meets almost all the needs of smartphone users, becoming the optimal solution for the safety of mobile devices.

Minimalist design, unique aesthetics
Bolt Cover provides excellent protection against scratches and falls of the phone, while the perfectly made design keeps its elegant and slim shape. The unique design harmonizes very well with the phone casing, while ensuring a firm grip and a pleasant-to-touch surface.

Multi-level protection
Made of two complementary layers of the case, it provides the best protection and high functionality of the phone. The highly shock-absorbing Tetra Polyurethane is an internal barrier that adheres perfectly to the phone on the back and sides, dispersing the entire impact force during a fall. The outer, hard shell made of polycarbonate additionally covers the structure of the smartphone and stiffens the entire case, giving it an original shape. The Bolt Cover also has an extremely functional handle attached to the trouser belt, which allows you to conveniently carry the device and its free rotation by 360 degrees. A solid latch protects the case against accidental unfastening, and if necessary, allows you to quickly release the phone and freedom of use.

Built-in stand, convenient viewing
Bolt Cover is equipped with a folding external stand, which allows you to quickly and conveniently position the phone horizontally. This position allows you to comfortably watch movies on the screen of the device and frees our hands that do not need to hold the phone. The thoughtful design allows the stand to be folded quickly and snapped into a small compartment on the back of the case.

Military degree of protection
The case has undergone rigorous tests that meet the requirements of the MIL-STD-810G standard, which guarantee optimal protection of the device when it falls on a hard surface. The double-layer structure disperses the force of an impact evenly, ensuring that the phone remains in one piece even after a violent impact.

Security on all sides
Bolt Cover goes hand in hand with the protection of the sides and back of the smartphone, it also cares for its display, which is extremely exposed to scratches or cracks. The remedy for irreversible damage to the screen of the device is a tempered protective glass with a hardness of 9H. Zizo Lightning Shield provides full transparency and zero distortion. Made of ultra-thin (0.33mm) oleophobic glass, it allows for quick installation and prevents fingerprints on the screen. The set is supplemented with a magnetic plate that allows installation with a selected car holder.

Product features:
· Two-piece construction to protect the back and sides of the device
· Flexible Tetra Polyurethane to dissipate the force of an impact
· Hard polycarbonate stiffening the entire structure, while protecting against scratching the phone
· Military grade of protection (meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards)
· Minimalistic design with an original structure
· Unique aesthetics that keep the slim shape of the device
· Built-in, foldable stand allows you to conveniently watch movies on the smartphone screen
· A handle attached to the trousers belt to carry the case (the possibility of rotating it 360 degrees and quick use of the phone)
· Tempered glass for the screen with a hardness of 9H
· The adhesive layer is on the glass frame (along the edge)
· Case compatible with wireless charging
· Contactless payment compatible case
· The case is compatible with car magnetic holders, thanks to the plate attached to the set
· Comes with a layered case with a stand, tempered glass with installation kit, magnetic plate, wrist strap